USC’s Kinder and Confidence ProgramsSeek To Support Low-Income Caregivers

Doctor Donna Benton is the Director of the USC Family Caregiver Support Center (USC FCSC), clinical psychologist, and a researcher. Currently, her research focuses on low-income Black and Latina women caregivers to learn about their finances and to develop peer-led online courses.

Online courses will assist these caregivers to reduce their out-of-pocket caregiving costs and to provide more effective care. Dr. Benton’s research is focused on two caregiver education programs, KINDER and CONFIDENCE. These programs and others offered by the USC FCSC are important to support families caring for those with dementia who oftentimes are overwhelmed, overworked, and do not take care of themselves with caregiving. Both projects are completed in partnership with USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology doctoral alumnae Dr. Kylie Meyer of the University of Texas Health Science San Antonio’s Caring for the Caregiver Program.

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