Those caring for aging parents can find help from California programs (ABC7 News)

For sons and daughters who switch to roles as caregivers for aging parents, the state of California is offering plenty of help.

HESPERIA, Calif. (KABC) — 
Maleba Pease has been her mother’s caregiver for a decade. The act of caring is a labor of love and devotion for the 57-year-old Hesperia woman.

“She’s a little ball of fire. You know she was 98 pounds, a single mom raising six kids,” said Pease.

Her mother, 89-year-old Maxine O’Steen, was widowed at 26 years old and provided for her family as a teacher’s aide. O’Steen was fiercely independent until her late 70s when the onset of dementia began to take a noticeable toll.

“Around 2014, it was obvious that she needed full-time oversight. She was still walking but this is the era where the stove would be left on, we had to battle for the keys to the car,” said Pease.

Their mother-daughter relationship shifted as Pease took on caregiver duties, a job that required her full attention.

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