The Many Faces of Caregivers

Caregiving for a loved one often transcends fulfilling the tasks and duties laid out daily. Nine out of 10 non-professional family caregivers feel that it’s important to provide a good quality of life for the person they care for, like helping, and enjoy spending time with the care recipient. However, many caregivers are providing care at their own risk. Fifty-five percent say that their own health is taking a back seat to the health of their care recipient. Sixty-nine percent gave little or no consideration to their own financial situation when deciding to become a caregiver.

These findings are part of The Many Faces of Caregivers: A Close-Up Look at Caregiving and Its Impacts, a report by nonprofit Transamerica Institute(TI),a collaboration between its Center for Retirement Studies(TCRS) and Center for Health Studies(TCHS).

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