Seniors Deserve Equal Access to Medi-Cal

We have an opportunity this year to improve the health and well-being of California’s seniors, but we need your help. The Assembly has committed to increasing access to Medi-Cal for seniors by raising the Medi-Cal Aged and Disabled income eligibility limit to 138% FPL, but the Governor’s May Revise is silent on the issue. Currently, most individuals under 65 can have up to $1,397 in income and remain on free Medi-Cal, while older adults lose free Medi-Cal once they reach $1,242 per month. Raising the Medi-Cal income limit will end this “senior penalty,” which unfairly pushes seniors off of free Medi-Cal when they turn 65 or obtain Medicare.

California is in a prosperous financial position—more than $10 billion in discretionary revenue, giving us a chance to invest in a real way in improving access to health care for low-income seniors.

Budget negotiations are happening now. We need you to make your voices heard.

Tell the Assembly and Senate Budget Leadership to raise the Medi-Cal Aged and Disabled income limit to 138% FPL. This change will end the senior penalty and make Medi-Cal more accessible for low-income seniors. To learn more about the issue and the concurrent legislative bill, see our fact sheet.

Make Calls

  • Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula, 916-319-2031
  • Assemblymember Jim Wood, 916-319-2002
  • Senator Richard Pan, 916-651-4006
  • Senator Holly Mitchell, 916-651-4030
  • Assemblymember Phil Ting, 916-319-2019
  • Senate President Toni Atkins, 916-651-4039
  • Speaker Anthony Rendon, 916-319-2063

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