Help CA Meet the Growing Needs of Family Caregiversby Doubling CRC Support Services

Since 1984, the California Caregiver Resource Centers (CRC) have been the primary organizations serving unpaid family caregivers of adults with dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders that cause cognitive impairments. Through the CRCs, caregivers across income, age, and diagnosis can receive free services to help relieve some of the physical and mental stress of caregiving

The Association of California Caregiver Resource Centers is currently requesting an increase of $20 million annually to the California Caregiver Resource Center budget allocation to meet the needs of California’s 4.7 million unpaid family caregivers. Adding $20 million per year will allow the CRCs to expand capacity to support family caregivers by doubling all services and offering culturally responsive and language appropriate services to meet the needs of all Californian caregiving families.

As California continues to promote home- and community-based care through the Master Plan for Aging and waiver programs, the importance and needs of family caregivers cannot be overlooked.

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