Life of a Caregiver: Tips, Humor & Positivity

Let’s share some laughter and resources!

Brought to you by our Community Engagement Team, is the “Life of a Caregiver: Tips, Humor, and Positivity” Facebook community. If you’re a caregiver on Facebook, join the community now for tips, funny stories, and resources. Connect with other caregivers in efforts to learn, laugh, and relate!

This is a POSITIVE space for family caregivers to share funny caregiving stories, resources others can use, tips for coping with stress, and support one another. The goal of this group is to laugh and know you are in good company with other caregivers and like-minded people. (This is not a support group; it’s a laughter & positivity group!)

Joining is simple:

1. Click Here to access the Facebook group “Life of a Caregiver: Tips, Humor, and Positivity”
2. Choose the “Join” button
3. Read and accept the rules of the group
4. Begin reading, interacting, or posting