Help us Move The Respite Bus!

Senator Janet Nguyen, who represents large parts of LA county has extended her kind heart to caregivers in the state of California.  She has introduced SB 177  to provide $3.3 to reinstate much needed respite care services to the California Caregiver Resource Center programs which includes the LA Caregiver Resource Center here at USC Family Caregiver Support Center. Now, she needs the support and voices of caregivers.  You can help make this a reality by reaching out before March 1, 2017.

  1. Post a photo and/or comment on the CA Caregivers Take Action Facebook page
  2. Share your post on your Facebook page or Twitter
  3. Mail a letter of support to:
    USC Family Caregiver Support Center/LACRC  3715 McClintock Ave. LA CA 90089-0191 Attn: Take Action SB 177
  4. Contact Senator Janet Nguyen’s office and thank her for SB 177.  Local #: 714-741-1034  Sacramento #: 916-651-4034
  5. Find your representative and tell them to support SB 177 because you live in their district and want them to support family caregivers.   

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