Flu Prevention Toolkit for Family Caregivers

Influenza (flu) is a highly contagious virus that spreads easily, and can have serious impacts on aging adults, and people with chronic conditions. The best protection against flu is getting vaccinated, and it is recommended that everyone aged 6 months or older get the flu vaccine each year. Here you will find information and tools to help protect you, your family and community from being infected with flu.

Toolkit 1: Where to Get A Flu Shot

Toolkit 2: The Flu: A Guide for Parents

Toolkit 3: No More Excuses: You Need a Flu Vaccine

Toolkit 4: Stop Germs! Stay Healthy! Wash Your Hands

Toolkit 5: Adults 65 and Older Need a Flu Shot

Toolkit 6: Are you at risk for serious complications from flu?

Toolkit 7: “By protecting myself I am protecting her.”

Toolkit 8: Diabetes & the Flu Shot

Toolkit 9: If you have HIV or AIDS, get a flu shot.

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