The USC Family Caregiver Support Center is dedicated to educating family caregivers and the community about caregiving issues. Caregiving is a journey that comes without a map or guide and often causes caregivers to feel lost.

By providing community education about a variety of topics, we strive to address some of the most common caregiving concerns and help caregivers understand what is happening to their loved ones. Being knowledgeable about caregiving and learning new ways to cope are two of the ways we empower caregivers through education. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power,” and we believe this is the key to supporting family caregivers through their caregiving journey.

Our community education initiatives are carried out through conferences, workshops, virtual classes, YouTube videos, webinars, etc. We often partner with other community organizations to bring innovative programming to the caregiving community. We welcome you to join us at our upcoming events. Please visit our Events Calendar to see what programming our center offers.


“Caregivers Are Learning More” (C.A.L.M.) is educational programming designed to help family caregivers feel more confident about caregiving by:

  • answering common questions
  • exploring ways to cope with difficult situations
  • learning stress management techniques
  • sharing valuable community resources
  • understanding the progression of their loved one’s illness

The USC Family Caregiver Support Center provides community education through partnerships with local community organizations, YouTube videos, webinars, telephone, etc. Please visit our Events Calendar to check out our upcoming programs.


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