Budget Ask Approved By Governor Newsom!

Dear Friends of USC Family Caregiver Support Center,

Today we celebrate the news that the USC Family Caregiver Resource Center/LA Caregiver Resource Center (USC FCSC / LACRC) can reach out to more families and friends who are providing care to someone. On June 27th, Governor Newsom signed the statewide budget that puts into action his commitment to improving the health and well-being of the people of California. This includes a commitment to expand the California Caregiver Resource Center’s system through an approved budget ask of $10M per year for the next three years. These funds will be used to expand and improve caregiver support services across the state of California. Funds will be divided amongst the eleven CRCs (California Caregiver Resource Centers) throughout the state (USC FCSC/LACRC and 10 others).

It was your voice and actions that inspired everyone. You made visible the invisible struggles and triumphs that millions of families face daily. We are grateful to all of our caregivers who personally called legislators’ offices, signed our petition, sent letters of support, and showed up at the state capitol. Additionally, we are thankful for our wonderful community of colleagues who sent letters of support and testified on our behalf at the budget hearings.

Give yourself a great big HUG!


Donna Benton, PhD
Director, USC Family Caregiver Support Center

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