Annual CALM Conference

Caregivers Are Learning More (C.A.L.M.)

Every November! The Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center hosts an annual conference for family caregivers. The event – called C.A.L.M. – includes great fun and educational events planned for the caregiving community. 

Learn About Past Events

2022: C.A.L.M. About: Caregiver Hacks 

This event was a month-long celebration of Caregiver Life Hacks that might give you a smile, some new ideas or even a bit of joy.

2021: C.A.L.M. Conference Project Reveal: The Courageous Caregiver in You

For the 21st Annual Caregiver Conference, LA CRC focused on how family caregivers show their courage in all things caregiving: dealing with stress, handling difficult situations, advocating for their loved ones, etc. Most of all, they explored how family caregivers work hard every day to find the courage to keep going.

2020: C.A.L.M. Conference Project Reveal: Celebrating the Caregiver in You

For the 20th Annual Caregiver Conference, LA CRC celebrated family caregivers through activities, exercise, food & drink demonstrations, and important conversations about the caregiving experience.