Annual CALM Conference 2023

Our 23rd Celebration of National Family Caregiver Month gave us all permission to take a breather. Our 2023 events were designed to help us learn about the power of putting things on pause. We hope you enjoyed slowing down, having a bit of fun, and practicing self-care. If you missed this year’s offerings or want to revisit them, here they are below. We hope they energize you and bring you more joy.

C.A.L.M. Kickoff (Nov. 1): “Putting Burnout on the Backburner: Helping Caregivers Care for Themselves.”

DRIVE-THRU Celebration (Nov. 4): Our DRIVE-THRU EVENT celebrated nearly 200 family caregivers, showering them with love and goodies!

Spanish Kickoff (Nov. 6): “Dejar el agotamiento en un segundo plano: ayudar a los cuidadores a cuidarse a sí mismos”

Caregiver Chronicles: Lived Experiences & Life Edits (Nov. 15): Gain insights from acclaimed journalists and caregivers who are amplifying the voices and experiences of caregivers, discover how practitioners can better integrate culturally sensitive and responsive approaches to support caregivers, and learn how to recognize signs of elder mistreatment and ways to embrace the opportunities and challenges in caregiving relationships.

Let us know your thoughts…and what you might want to see from us in the future.